car parks - fire & Security systems

The objective is to protect vehicles, buildings and stuff.

Grade A Fire alarm manual call point
Access control barrier for commercial
Fence perimeter detection with microphonic cable by Pulsar Vertex
360 PTZ commercial CCTV camera installed in perimeter and high security systems

car parks - fire alarms

Fire alarm installation in car parks is a crucial aspect of fire safety and prevention.

Car parks are exposed to various fire hazards, such as fuel leaks, electrical faults, arson, and overheating of electric vehicles.

A fire alarm system can detect and alert the occupants and the fire service in the event of a fire, reducing the risk of injury, death, and property damage.

Choosing the right fire alarm system for a car park depends on several factors, such as:

The size, design, ventilation, and usage of the car park.
The fire risk assessment and the local authority requirements.
The objectives of the fire alarm system, whether to protect life or property or both.
The type and level of fire detection and false alarm rejection needed.

security camera in car park CCTV system with ANPR

Looking for a new car park Fire & Security system ?

Pulsar vertex will make sure your staff and assets are secure with the latest innovations in the industry .

Car park security & CCTV, access control & ANPR Systems .

We have the expertise and experience to design and install a range of Security Systems for your car park, including CCTV, Access Control, Security Alarms and ANPR systems.

Whether you own or operate a commercial car park, or you have a car park for your business premises, we can provide you with the best security solutions.

We understand that car park owners have different security goals, such as:

- Ensuring customer satisfaction and safety - Maximising revenue and profitability - Preventing misuse and violation of parking rules and regulations. - Protecting staff and visitors and their vehicles - Restricting access to authorised vehicles only - Streamlining access and exit of the car park

We can help you achieve these security objectives with our effective CCTV, Access Control and ANPR systems, which are tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

car park ANPR camera system for access control

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras scan the number plates of vehicles approaching your premises. They check the vehicle registration number against your system and approve or deny access.

Approved vehicles can enter smoothly, while denied vehicles have to stop at the gate or entry point and contact you, typically through an intercom system.

They can help car park management by:

- Enforcing parking rules and charges.
- Reducing staff and avoiding conflicts.
- Improving security and statistics.
- Enhancing customer experience and convenience.

car park access control system

These systems can prevent unauthorized use of space, monitor the capacity and flow of vehicles, generate records and history of movements, and enhance the safety and convenience of users.

There are different types of car park access control and door entry systems, depending on the needs and preferences of the customers.

car park CCTV systems

We offer a full range of CCTV installation services for car parks and public parkings

experts on securing car parks and public parkings in the uk

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