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Grade A Fire alarm manual call point
360 PTZ commercial CCTV camera installed in perimeter and high security systems
Access control barriers for commercial and buildings

Hospitality fire alarm systems

Fire alarms play an indispensable role in maintaining the safety and security of Hotels and Hospitality environments. They are not just a legal requirement but a crucial element in protecting lives, assets, and business continuity.

Life Safety: The primary purpose of fire alarms is to protect lives. Early detection and warning of a fire allow employees and visitors enough time to evacuate the premises safely.

Asset Protection: Fires can cause significant damage to physical assets like buildings, equipment, and important documents. Fire alarms help in early detection, allowing for quicker response times from the fire department, thereby minimizing potential damage.

Business Continuity: A major fire can disrupt business operations. By ensuring early detection and response, fire alarms can help reduce downtime and ensure business continuity.

Legal Compliance: In many regions, having a properly installed and maintained fire alarm system is a legal requirement. Non-compliance can lead to penalties and could invalidate insurance policies.

Office Fire alarm manual call point

Looking for a new
Fire alarm system for your hotel, pub or restaurant ?

Pulsar vertex will make sure your office and building are protected with fully compliant solutions as per BS 5839 .

Hotel Security system with HD CCTV for Hospitality

Looking for a new Security system for your hotel,pub or restaurant?

Pulsar vertex will make sure your Hotel , Pub or restaurant are secure with the latest innovations in the industry .

Hospitality security system & CCTV with ANPR - Door entry

As specialists in Hospitality security systems, we are committed to shielding your business premises from various security threats.

Business owners and security managers often grapple with issues like break-ins, vandalism, theft, and unauthorised access.

These challenges can disrupt your operations and pose risks to your assets and personnel.

Our suite of Hotel and Hospitality security solutions encompasses advanced CCTV camera systems, 24/7 remote monitoring services, and sophisticated door entry systems.

Leveraging our extensive experience in the security industry, we meticulously design and install systems with the following objectives:

hospitality Access control and door entry systems

Our access control and door entry systems are designed to manage the flow of staff and guests effectively.

These systems help in reducing access to certain areas, tracking and monitoring time and attendance.

We offer keycard and key fob door entry, video, audio, and IP intercom systems.

intruder alarm for hospitality

To protect your business from intruders and thieves, we offer advanced intruder alarm systems.

These systems are designed to alert you in case of any unauthorized entry, ensuring the safety of your premises.

Remember, a secure business is a productive one. Contact us today for a free site survey and quote. Let’s work together to create a safe and secure working environment.

hd CCTV systems for hotels pubs and restaurants

Our state-of-the-art CCTV systems are designed to provide comprehensive surveillance for your Hotel, Pub or Restaurant .

These systems include ultra-HD internal and external cameras, offering clear footage for evidence where needed.

Special features like car number plate tracking (ANPR) and perimeter surveillance enhance the security coverage.

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