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"Deterring shoplifters - protecting your staff and merchandise !"

Intruder alarm perimeter sensor PIR for burglar systems by Pulsar Vertex
360 PTZ commercial CCTV camera installed in perimeter and high security systems

fire alarm systems for shops

Retail shops are essential for storing and selling goods, but they also pose significant fire and security risks.

A fire i a shop can cause devastating damage to property, inventory, and equipment, as well as endanger the lives of workers , customers and firefighters.

Therefore, it is vital to have effective retail fire and security systems in place to prevent and mitigate these hazards

shop Security Systems - Fire alarms ,CCTV, Access Control

Protect your retail shop or outlet from various security challenges, such as theft, vandalism, unauthorised entry, and safety hazards, with our specialist retail security systems.

At Pulsar Vertex, we provide you with the best protection against
crime with our security systems for retail. Our solutions include state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance, perimeter security, and alarm systems that are monitored 24/7.

We customise your security system to suit your needs, ensuring
reliability, access control, and intrusion detection.

Enhance your security standards and secure your assets with our advanced asset protection systems. Explore our solutions and experience the confidence that comes with an experienced warehouse security expert.

Looking for a cctv or Security system for your shop ?

Pulsar vertex will make sure your staff and merchandise are secure with the latest innovations in the industry for retail .

ACCESS control & Door entry system for retail

Access control systems are essential for ensuring the security and efficiency of retail shops.

These high secure systems can use various methods to verify the identity and authorization of visitors and staff, such as cards, keys, biometrics, or mobile devices.

Door entry and integrated systems can also track the location and movement of people within the store, which can help to prevent unauthorized access or theft.

The benefits of access control systems for retail and shops are manifold :

Intruder alarm Keypad for burglar alarm systems installed by Pulsar Vertex

How would you like to secure your shop and reduce your losses from shoplifting by up to 80% ?

Pulsar vertex will make sure your staff and merchandise are secure with the latest innovations in the industry for retail .

retail burglar and anti-theft alarm

Intruder alarm systems are designed to protect shops from unauthorized entry, theft, vandalism, or sabotage.

They consist of various components, such as sensors, sounders, control panels, and communication devices, that work together to detect and deter intruders or shoplifters.

There are different types of intruder alarm systems for retail, depending on the level of security and convenience required. Some of the common types are:

shop and outlets HD CCTV systems

We offer a full range of CCTV installation services for retail shops

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