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In the realm of commercial and industrial security, intruder alarm systems serve as the first line of defence, meticulously designed to thwart unauthorized access or intrusion. These systems are a symphony of interconnected components, each playing a pivotal role in detecting and deterring intruders.

A cornerstone of these systems is the perimeter intruder detection system, which incorporates sensors strategically placed on fences and poles encircling the property. These state-of-the-art sensors are engineered to detect any attempts to breach the fence, whether by climbing, cutting, or other means. They operate by continuously monitoring for anomalies in pressure, vibration, or other physical parameters that may signify an intrusion.

Upon detecting an intrusion, the system springs into action, triggering an alarm. This could manifest as a high-decibel siren intended to deter the intruder and alert on-site security personnel, or a silent alarm that discreetly notifies a remote monitoring center. The center can then promptly dispatch law enforcement to the location.

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motion detection PIR

Fence perimeter detection with microphonic cable by Pulsar Vertex

Perimeter/fence detection

long range sensor for perimeter intruder alarm systems by Pulsar Vertex

long range technology

alarm receiving centre

alarm receiving centre A.R.C

360 PTZ commercial CCTV camera installed in perimeter and high security systems

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Perimeter surveillance

motion detection PIR for external applications

Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors are a crucial component in burglar alarm systems. They detect motion by identifying changes in infrared radiation levels, which are emitted by all objects. When an object, such as a human, moves within the sensor's field of view, it detects the change in infrared signatures. The sensor is 'passive' because it doesn't emit energy but only receives it. PIR sensors are advantageous due to their low power consumption and high reliability.

They are designed to ignore small pets and only trigger the alarm when a significant change in radiation is detected. This makes them an efficient and reliable choice for home security systems. Their design can be optimized to cover various detection ranges and angles, making them versatile for different environments. However, they must be strategically placed to avoid false alarms caused by environmental factors like sunlight or heat sources. Overall, PIR sensors play a vital role in ensuring the effectiveness of burglar alarm systems.

Protecting Solar Farms with Perimeter Security Systems (


Introducing Pulsar Vertex Fence+, your ultimate partner in securing your premises. This state-of-the-art, vibration-sensitive linear sensor is meticulously engineered to offer unparalleled intruder detection. Whether it's fences or other barriers that delineate your secure location, Pulsar Vertex Fence+ is your reliable sentinel.

With a global footprint spanning over 500 km, Pulsar Vertex Fence+ is trusted by hundreds of sites worldwide. Our legacy is built on more than 18 years of operational experience in intrusion detection system design. We specialize in external perimeters where our technology has proven to be the most prevalent and cost-efficient method of intrusion detection.

long range detection
radar/seismic sensors

Long-range sensors play a crucial role in perimeter security, providing advanced warning of potential intrusions. Two common types of long-range sensors used in perimeter security are radar and seismic sensors.

Radar Sensors
Also known as Perimeter Surveillance Radar (PSR), are used to monitor activity surrounding critical infrastructure areas such as airports, seaports, military installations, national borders, and refineries.

They use Radio Detection And Ranging (radar) technology, which uses microwaves to determine the range, angle, and velocity of objects⁷. Ground-based security radar can detect intruders 24/7 even in harsh weather and low-light or no-light scenarios.

Seismic Sensors
This devices form an invisible "fence" of protection around a site by creating a seismic detection field. Any ground vibrations within this field, such as those made by a person walking or a vehicle moving, are detected and analyzed¹³. Pulsar Vertex offers innovative seismic and magnetic sensor solutions for a wide range of security applications.

Our seismic systems feature pattern recognition algorithms that classify events based on the type of threat, leading to fewer false alarms and the highest detection probability. The Seismic perimeter systems, for example, operates buried sensors that when placed underground, create an invisible perimeter security system around the secured area.

alarm receiving centre

Perimeter security systems are designed to protect an area by creating a barrier to detect and deter intrusions. The heart of these systems is the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

When a perimeter security system detects an intrusion, it sends an alert to the ARC. Trained professionals at the ARC assess the situation and respond accordingly, which may involve contacting law enforcement or the property owner. This immediate response is vital in mitigating potential threats.

Therefore, ARCs are an indispensable component of effective perimeter security systems, providing round-the-clock surveillance and ensuring a swift response to any security breaches.”

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